Reflection on Digital Narrative Games


I’ve played this game 3 times throughout the past couple of days and it really shed the lights on the struggles of a person who gets paid minimum wage. The first time I played the game I lost all of my money since I couldn’t sacrifice my son’s and my own physical and mental health just to save up money , so unfortunately I ended up being a broke unemployed homeless person. However, I then realized that I needed to sacrifice certain things in life in order to just survive. For instance, the first time I played it I got fired from my job just because I asked for my basic rights to live a humane life. Thus, in the second time I played it I had to stay silent and not ask for my rights and work an insane amount of hours just to be able to take care of myself and my child. Each time I played it, I had to give up not one, but a few of my basic rights in life in order to just survive which shows how difficult it is to survive as a responsible adult nowadays.

BBC Syrian Refugees

This game really opened by eyes to what Syrian refugees have to go through. It has shown me how these travels, which always begin with the promise of a brighter future, may be dangerous and frightening. Refugees aren’t only threatened by human trafficking and other types of exploitation, but they also have to hide from authorities who imprison refugees as soon as they arrive in a new nation. The first time I played it, I got scammed by a guy who took all of my money and I got arrested as soon as the authorities saw me when I left my hiding place. I decided to not trust anyone with my money the second time I played and managed to survive. However, I still had to choose between leaving my family alone and saving a mother and her child who were drowning. I had to let them drown in order to not risk being caught by authorities which is so unfair since no one deserves to ever be in that position and be forced to make a choice like that.

Responsible partying

I loved how this game was raising awareness using actual facts in order to let people know about binge drinking and consent. Unfortunately, nowadays students tend to get peer pressured into doing things they wouldn’t want to do, but this game was shedding the lights on the fact that it is okay to say no. The videos included in the game were extremely informative and I thought that it was extremely smart that they were spreading awareness in a very fun and entertaining way such as a game.

Fake it to Make It

To me this was honestly the most entertaining game out of all the games that I’ve played. Despite it being one of the longest games, it showed me how easy it is for companies to spread a rumour and brainwash people with fake news just to earn money. This really made me realize that most news organization are profit based and look for articles which would create a conflict and drama. Nowadays, technology has become extremely advanced to the extent that not any picture or video should be believed. Thus, it really encouraged me to double check before believing any news that I read due to how easy it is to fake it.

Peer Destruction

This was a game created by one of the previous students; however it was extremely touching while I was playing it. As a person who has struggled with weight loss her whole life it was very interesting to go through the game as an underweight person and realize the struggles which they go through. I have realized that finally nowadays people are raising awareness on loving your body just the way it is and it made happy to see the progress that has been happening. However, despite all that has been happening throughout the years, I believe skinny shaming needs to be addressed more in our everyday lives. Nowadays there are so many shops with plus-sized sections but very little ones which take petite bodies into consideration when it comes to dresses. It really reminded me of the time when I went shopping for prom dresses with my friend who was super short and skinny, the guy at the store literally told her to look in the kids section which I found to be extremely insulting. People sometimes don’t realize how a simple word could affect someone in a very negative way causing them to hate the way they look.

September 7th, 2020

This game honestly brought me feelings of nostalgia. It is very relatable especially considering the fact that we are currently going to campus during the pandemic. The whole idea of everyone around you not wearing any masks and being made fun of because you’re too “germ phobic” is actually something that I go through in my everyday life. Also, not being able to hear your teachers who talk in an extremely low voice with their masks on is a real struggle throughout this specific semester. I don’t think I ever used YouTube video explanations as much as I do this semester due to that specific issue.

Overall, I honestly loved how each game had their own form of raising awareness and shedding the lights on specific topics which need to be addressed. It opened my eyes to situations I never imagined myself to be in which was very informative.

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