What I Hear When You Say – Feminism


I believe the video really sheds the lights on all of the ‘myths’ when it comes to feminism. I have met countless people in my life who just assumed that being a feminist means that I hated men or that I want women to be more superior over men. However, Feminism is just the simple fact of women wanting to have equal opportunities and become intellectual equals to men. If a person wants social and political equality between both genders then they can in fact identify themselves as a feminist.

As to the thing that grabbed my attention the most, the Bechdel test was something that I’ve actually learnt about in one of my film making classes and it was absolutely heartbreaking knowing that most movies who try to involve a wider cast of women whose main issues are their career or their children or anything else other than guys and their love life actually end up getting rated as one of the worst movies of all time. For instance, a movie like Like a Boss(2020) which is about two female friends with different ideals who run a cosmetics company but they soon face a financial crisis. This movie involved almost no love interests and only discusses women thriving to become successful in their career. This led to it being rated as a 4.6/10 on IMDB and 26% on RottenTomatoes. Moreover, on the contrary to popular belief, this also occurs in marvel movies as well. If you google who the most hated avenger is, most of the search results will end up telling you that it’s Captain Marvel (a woman superhero whose movie involved most of the scenes with other female characters). I believe that this is a very sad reality since the movie had a very interesting plot (if not the most interesting one) and had the same perfect cinematography as the other marvel movies.

One of the sources which claims that Captain Marvel is the most hated avenger:

Most Disliked MCU characters

Captain Marvel being the Worst rated Marvel movie on IMDB

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